Chemical industry - Global Top 50 chemical firms

What are the raw materials of chemicals?

Chemicals are the organic or inorganic molecular building blocks used in processing materials and adhesives. Raw materials include fillers, minerals, gases, and specialized chemical additives. Chemical raw material supply information

What are the 5 chemical industries?

The five types of chemical industry are:

  • Agricultural chemicals.
  • Basic chemicals.
  • Specialty chemicals.
  • Consumer products.
  • Pharmaceuticals.

What is the #1 industrial chemical?

Sulfuric acid is the compound produced in the largest quantity in the industrial world.

What is the top chemical company in 2023?

2023 global list of leading chemical companies based on revenue. The German chemical company BASF was ranked number one in the ranking of the world's leading chemical companies based on revenue, generating a revenue of approximately 94.85 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.

What are the top chemical companies in the US?

  • 1 Dow.
  • 2 ExxonMobil.
  • 3 LyondellBasell.
  • 4 Mosaic +2.
  • 5 Chevron Phillips Chemical.
  • 6 DuPont -2.
  • 7 Air Products +1.
  • 8 CF Industries +6.